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Ruby's Bakery Products

Retail Mini Fab Red Velvet.JPG

Retail Sponge Cakes

6 inch round cakes that are perfect for sharing with family and friends

Retail Muffins.JPG

Retail Muffins & Tarts

Selection of retail mixed muffins and tarts

Triple Cookies Cream.JPG

Triple Layer Cakes

10" round triple layer cakes

Retail Loaf Lemon and Ginger.JPG

 Retail Loaf Cakes

These mini loaves are great as a teatime treat and make great gifts

IW Gingerbread.JPG

Individually Wrapped

Selection of classic grab and go wrapped products

Loaf Chocolate Orange.JPG

Large Loaf Cakes

Selection of large uncut loaf cakes


Retail Multipacks

Multi-packs of Viennese whirls, cookies and shortbread

Sponge Dundee.JPG

Large Coffee Shop Cakes

10" round coffee shop cakes

Tray Mint Crisp.JPG

Tray Cakes

Selection of precut cake bars in foils

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